2010. október 31., vasárnap

Happy Halloween!

Hi guys,
Happy Halloweeen everyone! Yeah, in Hungary we didn't celebrate this event till about the last 10 years (I think).
So, for a while I made some Halloween-pics about me.

And there are some make-up tipps for tonight. What do you think about? Which is the best?

The Cleopatra or Stefania Fernandez?

Or maybe Katy Perry?

I hope you guys all have a great weekend (if you haven't just think of me, I'm on the "part time" of life at this time and it gives me a really, really hard period, but I know, everything must be resolved...)
I wish y'all the best with my sick whole heart. I beleieve in tomorrow. Keeps getting better!
Dont forget the trick or the treat. ;) Cheers!

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