2011. január 20., csütörtök

Some "Sugar!" in the downtown

Some month ago I heard about the Sugar! Shop&Confectionary, but only on 7th January tried it out at the first time.
I just wanted to see it, because I'm looking for a place where I can celebrate my birthday at the end of February.
What can I say? Absolutely love that place! Just like a fairytale: so many candies, sweets, cakes, etc.
Look at these pictures!

I ate a mignon :)
One of my favourite cakes and I thought that every dayis a party when I'm in the Sugar!:) That's why I chose this one.
Inside the confectionary
Colorful and exciting equipment – big love!
Just like a fairytale
My nails and the purple cake
I wrote a message to Sz. He'd like this place too.
The toilette. It takes my breath away.

Me before I left the Sugar!
In front of the Sugar! Shop

What do you think?
I will celebrate my birthday here for sure!
Have you ever been in the Sugar! Shop?

2 megjegyzés:

  1. Igen és imádom! :)


  2. Örülök neki.:) Eddig csak a budai Miró Café volt a kedvenc helyem, de, azt hiszem, most már ez is ebbe a kategóriába sorolható.:)